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Brass Poly Tube Fittings

Brass Poly Tube Fittings

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Brass Tube Fittings For Plastic(Poly) Tubing

Interchange With
Poly-Flo®, Paker Poly-Tite®, Weatherhead Poly-Line®, Poly-Fit®, Anderson Poly-Connect®, Alkon AP, SMC KF Series


  1. Recommended for use in pneumatic instrumentation circuits, lubricant and cooling lines.
  2. Provides excellent resistance to vibration.
  3. Used with plastic tubing. Not recommended for metal tubing.
  4. All fittings feature brass body (nickel-plated available) with Knurl/hex Nuts and plastic sleeve.
  5. No flaring of tubing required. Easy installation, captive sleeve, pre-assembled for installation and can be reassembled.


  1. Temperature Range: When using compatible plastic tubing do not exceed the tubing temperature range.
  2. Pressure: -1 bar(vacuum) to 50 bar. When using plastic tubing, make sure the working pressure conform to specification of tubing.

Flareless Poly-Tube FittingsInstallation Instructions

- For polyethylene, polypropylene and vinyl tubing:
  1. Cut tubing squarely–maximum of 15° angle allowable.
  2. Check that port or mating part is clean and free of debris.
  3. Insert tube to the bottoms and tighten Knurl/hex nut finger-tight – plus one wrench turn.
- For copper, aluminum and nylon tubing:
  1. Brass sleeves are recommended. Insert tube until it bottoms in the Poly-Tube fittings and tighten one wrench turn past finger-tight.

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