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DOT Air Brake - Accessories, Transmission Fittings

DOT Air Brake - Transmission Fittings, Accessories


Use with SAE J844 type A nylon tubing in pressure protected air transmission applications.
(OD 5/32")


  1. Construction - Three piece unit: body, nut and split sleeve. Extruded(Brass CA360 or CA345) Configuration.
  2. Vibration resistance - Fair resistance.
  3. Advantages - Easy to assemble and disassemble (no tube preparation or flaring required.)


  1. Temperature Range: Fittings will withstand variations from -40°F to +220°F (-40°C to +105°C)
  2. Working Pressure: Maximum operating pressure of 150 psi.

Assembly Instructions

DOT Air Brake Transmission Fitting

  1. Cut tubing squarely.
  2. Insert tubing into fitting until bottomed.
  3. Tighten nut 1 1/2 turns from finger tight.


  • 60TF Sleeve
  • 61TF Nut
  • 62TF Union
  • 68TF Male Connector
    Male Connector
  • 269TF Male Elbow
    Male Elbow