Ningbo Sabe Machinery Manufacturing



02ICS-MN04 BODY SIZE (DASH size, Measured in eighths of an inch), omitted when only one size
02ICS-MN04 (S=Manual, C=Auto Ball lock, D=Auto Pin Lock...)=Coupler(Socket), P=Nipple(Plug)
02ICS-MN04 BODY MATERIALS (S=Steel, B=Brass, S4=SS304, S6=SS316….)
02ICS-MN04 END PORT (M=Male, F=Female or omitted, H=Hose brab... G=BSPP, R=BSPT, N=NPT...)
02ICS-MN04 END SIZE (DASH size, Measured in sixteenths of an inch)

this is for example, other details just indicated when placing order, like materials of oring seal, valve style, plating, dust cap & plug, etc