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Brass Pipe Fittings
Brass Pipe Fittings

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Brass Pipe Fittings & Adapters


Air, gas, hydraulic fluid like water, oil, fuels, lubricant, Grease and other applications which use with brass, copper, and iron pipe. Manufactured for low and medium pressure line connection work.


  1. Vibration resistance - Fair resistance to vibration and pipe movement depending upon conditions.
  2. Advantages - Fewer leaks in the system, Large range of sizes and configurations (extruded/barstocked, hex forged, nickel plated/round forged).
  3. Conformance - Meets functional requirements of the SAE J530 (Automotive Pipe Fittings), SAE J531 (Drain Plugs) and of ASA, ASME.
  4. Thread Style - NPT(F) NPSM BSPT BSPP.


  1. Temperature Range: -65°F to +250°F (-53°C to +121°C) range at maximum operating pressures.
  2. Working Pressure: 1200 PSI Maximum based on size always consult tubing/pipe specifications.

Assembly Instructions

Brass Pipe Fittings & Adapters

  1. Tighten approximately 2-1/2 turns past hand tight.
  2. Fittings with Everseal tighten two turns past hand tight. Brittle materials require special cautions.

US Brass Pipe Fittings & Adapters

US Pipe Fitting

- Extruded Bar Stock, Hex Forging Blank, NPT Thread Mainly.

Euro Brass Pipe Fittings & Adapters

Euro Pipe Fitting

- Extruded Bar Stock, Round Forging Blank, Nickel-Plated, BSP Thread Mainly.

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