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Interchange With Camozzi Series 2000 - Standard Pipe Fittings

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  • E162 Countersunk Hex Plug
    Countersunk Hex Plug
  • E163 Countersunk Hex Plug With Oring
    Countersunk Hex Plug With Oring
  • E152 Hex Head Plug
    Hex Head Plug
  • E129 Hex Head Cap
    Hex Head Cap
  • E325 & E335 Male Nipple
    Male Nipple
  • E200 & E210 Extender Adapter
    Extender Adapter
  • E360 Female Bulkhead
    Female Bulkhead
  • E220 & E230 Reducer Bushing
    Reducer Bushing
  • E240 Face Bushing
    Face Bushing
  • E300 & E310 Female Pipe Coupling
    Female Pipe Coupling
  • E455 Male Elbow
    Male Elbow
  • E400 Street Elbow
    Street Elbow
  • E500 Female Elbow
    Female Elbow
  • E900 Male Tee
    Male Tee
  • E750 Male Street Tee
    Male Street Tee
  • E770 Female Street Tee
    Female Street Tee
  • E600 Male Branch Tee
    Male Branch Tee
  • E650 Female Branch Tee
    Female Branch Tee
  • E700 Female Tee Union
    Female Tee Union
  • E800 Male Y Connector
    Male Y Connector
  • E850 Mini Male Pipe
    Mini Male Pipe
  • E920 One Male Cross
    One Male Cross
  • E950 Female Cross
    Female Cross

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