Ningbo Sabe Machinery Manufacturing
Thermoplastic Poly Push Fittings

Plastic Poly Push Fittings (Tube To Tube)


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  • PU Union
  • PUB Bulkhead Union
    Bulkhead Union
  • PJ Plug-In Connector
    Plug-In Connector
  • PUL Union Elbow
    Union Elbow
  • PUBL Bulkhead Union Elbow
    Bulkhead Union Elbow
  • PJL Stem Elbow Connector
    Stem Elbow Connector
  • PJLH Stem 45 Degree Elbow Connector
    Stem 45 Degree Elbow Connector
  • PUY Union Y
    Union Y
  • PJY Stem Y Connector
    Stem Y Connector
  • PUT Union Tee
    Union Tee
  • PUZ Union Cross
    Union Cross
  • PUK Triple Branch Union
    Triple Branch Union
  • PJK Stem Triple Branch Connector
    Stem Triple Branch Connector
  • PP Plug