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Brass Air Quick Fitting / Screw-On Ferruleless Compression

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Interchange With Camozzi - Rapid Fittings, Norgren - Push-On Tube Fittings, Pneumax - Quick Fittings

  • RN Ferruleless Fitting Nut
    Ferruleless Fitting Nut
  • RNP Tube Protector Nut
    Tube Protector Nut
  • RM Air Quick Fitting Male Connector
    Air Quick Fitting Male Connector
  • RMS Male Connector Swivel
    Male Connector Swivel
  • RF Screw-On Female Connector
    Screw-On Female Connector
  • RU Pneumatic Quick Fitting Union
    Pneumatic Quick Fitting Union
  • RUB Union Bulkhead
    Union Bulkhead
  • RL Screw Compression Male Elbow
    Screw Compression Male Elbow
  • RLS Male Elbow Swivel
    Male Elbow Swivel
  • RFL Screw Compression Female Elbow
    Screw Compression Female Elbow
  • RUL Air Ferruleless Fitting Union Elbow
    Air Ferruleless Fitting Union Elbow
  • RRT Screw-Connect Run Tee
    Screw-Connect Run Tee
  • RRTS Run Tee Swivel
    Run Tee Swivel
  • RBT Screw-Connect Branch Tee
    Screw-Connect Branch Tee
  • RBTS Branch Tee Swivel
    Branch Tee Swivel
  • RUT Pneumatic Ferruleless Fitting Union Tee
    Pneumatic Ferruleless Fitting Union Tee
  • RUZ Union Cross
    Union Cross
  • RH One Floor Single Banjo
    One Floor Single Banjo
  • R2H Two Floor Single Banjo
    Two Floor Single Banjo
  • R3H Three Floor Single Banjo
    Three Floor Single Banjo
  • RM-C Compact Male Connector
    Compact Male Connector
  • RH-C Compact One Floor Single Banjo
    Compact One Floor Single Banjo
  • RVMO Flow Controller
    Flow Controller
Stainless Steel Rapid Tube Fitting
We are manufacturing this series with stainless steel 304(P/N prefix S4) / 316(P/N prefix S6)

BSPT(R) Thread & BSPP(G) Thread With NBR Oring As standard(Viton available, especially for stainless steel version), Other Styles Available On Request.

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